"I read the book in a few hours as I couldn't put it down with lots of anger and tears. A very raw and honest account of what went down. Such a brave and courageous retell of how blind love can be. From one DV victim to another- you are awesome, courageous and beautiful to share your ordeal. The road ahead can only be brighter. Definitely a must read!"

Maria, Qsld

"A tragic story of a beautiful woman that triumphed over adversity. please support Jacquelyn in her education to others by buying her book. A must read!"

Tracey, SA

"Reading Jacquelyn's memoir touched me deeply. An unfathomable recount. I know this book is going to help many, many people. People who have experienced abuse and addiction and people who haven't. Please take the time to read this beautiful lady's story. Her journey into the darkness and then out again is so brave and absolutely inspiring."

Heidi, SA

"Jacquelyn Ann I just finished your book. I couldn't put it down. I finished it within two days and wow, your book, you sharing what you've been through, completely tugged at my heart strings. I found myself many many MANY times nodding my head saying yep, I know that feeling! Your book has given me validation. Thank you. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration!"

Jewel, NSW

"From the Other Side is a mesmerizing, harrowing, well written memoir of a tragic ordeal endured by a very brave woman. So glad you have survived this tragedy and found a new path to help those in similar situations. Can not recommend this book highly enough. Though dreadful, I could not stop reading until I had finished."

Marika, SA

"Courageous amazing bibliography!"

Paul, Qld

"A truly honest and courageous recount of one woman's ordeal. Thank you, for the strength in sharing your story with us. This memoir lays bare the events that unfolded over a few years in the life of the author. I found myself compelled to keep reading, and I could relate to and understand some of the cognitive issues raised. A must read for people who wish to have a greater insight into why people of domestic abuse stay with their abusers."

Fiona, Australia

"Jacquelyn has told her story, and in doing so, my mother's, and mine. And the story of thousands of voiceless women. She has bravely spoken out for all the women left mute and shone a light for us to see by. Jacquelyn is a warrior for all women and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you Jacquelyn, for your bravery, your compassion and your insights."

Kylie, SA

"I have just finished reading your amazing, gut wrenching, deeply moving and inspiring book. I am in awe of your deep courage and fierce compassion. The raw, vulnerable truth telling on every page. The open hearted, generous act of revealing your own struggle in every harrowing detail for your own healing and then empowered choice to share that in published form so that others may learn from your experience. Wow. I am deeply moved by the palpable self-compassion, wisdom and beautiful unfolding of your creativity and connection-fueled awakening and recovery. Every word, breath-taking and life-affirming. Thank you, a thousand times thank you, for your generous gift to the world, your loved ones and yourself."

Tania, SA

"Couldn't put this book down! I am so glad you survived to tell your story. It is truly inspiring, you are incredibly brave and I know this book will help so many people."

Kathy, QLD

"Gripping!. What can I say! I read this book in a few hours, I couldn't put it down! The tale is gripping, utterly heart wrenching and honest. If you've been looking for a book about a real life experience with a narcissistic psychopath, I highly suggest the read."

Amazon shopper, U.S

"From the Other Side is a courageously vivid and at times brutal account of ones woman's slide into domestic violence and drug addiction. Jacquelyn takes the reader with her to the bottom, not to entertain but to inform, perhaps shockingly, how seemingly easy it was for an intelligent woman to fall victim to coercion, control, violence and the awful grip of substance abuse. This healing recount, while not an easy read, shines the light on several social issues and offers a chance for the reader to feel compassion for the abused and the addict. At best it offers hope for others in similar situations to reach out (or within) and start their own healing journey. I applaud Jacquelyn for her bravery and resilience in telling her story and changing her life."

Lara, SA

"What an amazing piece of writing. once I started I couldn't stop. I had moments of anger and many tears as Jacquelyn shared her journey. This book has been a real eye opener and I want to thank you for allowing me into your life and teaching me never to judge someone on their choices. Jacquelyn, you are brave and should be so proud of this book and the impact it will have."

Annie, NSW

"This book rocked me to my core. I couldn't put it down. I laid awake after finishing it and just could not believe the horrors that Jacquelyn endured. So so brave. It just goes to show it could happen to anyone. Never judge and be kind because you just don't know what's going on behind closed doors. Everyone should read this book! Such an incredible story of survival."

Charm, SA

"I finished the book today... what an incredible story. I couldn't get to the end fast enough. What an inspiring, strong woman. The life the author found herself in could happen to any of us. It's just so real and honest. An easy read but extremely powerful."

Deborah, VIC

"The bravery and courage required to share a story that is so personal is truly inspirational. I feel so privileged to have worked alongside this amazing lady, never realising the personal demons she was facing. her compassion, empathy and care of others continued to shine through in spite of this"

Maree, Qsld

"A profound read... when most would still be rocking in a corner, Jacquelyn Ann has gathered herself and faced herself head on, and then shared this experience with the world..."

Maria, SA

"Wow!!! What a book. From the moment I started the first page I couldn't put it down. I was hooked. Such a well written book. To say I enjoyed it wouldn't be correct, but it's a very powerful message, written honestly and raw. Jacquelyn, you are a survivor and a very talented author."

Jenny, SA

"What an amazing true and honest story of survival, determination and courage. Jacquelyn is a true fighter and I hope she keeps finding strength to grow and flourish"

Jodie, SA

"Hi Jacquelyn , I have just finished reading your book... the power of your experience has reaches further than you can ever imagine. Thank you for going to the depths, thankyou for telling what you did of your trip there and back... forever changed, forever strong, forever and always you."

Maria, SA

"This is a raw and brutal real life story of domestic violence and meth addiction. it proves it can happen to anyone, never judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes."

Deborah, NSW

"Shared the horrific experiences relived by a very brave lady. I definitely recommend the read"

Bear, SA

"I have been trying to find the right words to express my experience reading "From the Other Side".​





Jacquelyn took me, the reader, on the journey with her as she retold, and undoubtedly relived, a tale that is almost beyond belief."

Kimberlee, SA