Visualisation through collage...

Visualisation is the act of using our imagination in the creative process.

The object of visualisation is to manifest realistic goals for the future. By using imagery to create a focus point, we can remind ourselves each day what it is we want to achieve, and the steps to get there.

The first step to visualising is to calm the mind through meditation or deep breathing. Using your imagination, you can create a visual picture in your mind of what you want to achieve. Your collage should reflect not only the goal, but the steps you need to take to get there. This process activates the communication between our subconscious and conscious minds which allows us to live our lives more 'consciously'.

Collage (the art of gluing different materials onto a backing) is especially good for any client who struggles to express their thoughts and feelings verbally. It is easy and requires no specific art technique, so when a client finds it problematic to express themselves through painting or drawing, collage can provide a fun and creative way to do so.

My collage reflects my book writing journey. When I first began writing my book, From the other Side, I used visualising to help keep me on track and focussed on my goal. I knew I wanted to firstly write the book, and then, have it published for the purpose of helping others.

In my collage I have used green paper and red paint. Red for pain and anger, and green leaves for growth. I have placed the leaves to represent moving from the pain of going back into my memories at the bottom, to a feeling of freedom and peace once my story has been told at the top.

The black lines show that there would be difficulties along the way, and none of it would be linear, but if I kept going with my purpose in mind then eventually I would reach my goal.