The benefits of art therapy…

Throughout my Art Therapist studies, I have learnt about the many benefits of creating art.

  • Remembering: I have created work that helps to remind me of what I almost lost, or those things I want to remember. Such as a collage of photos reminding me of how it feels to be a new mother.

  • Hope: Creating art has given me hope for the future, a sense of optimism. As with writing, art allows us to create a beautiful world to fit our dreams.

  • Sorrow: This is a big one for me. A lot of my art expresses my feelings of sorrow or sadness. How could someone I loved so much hurt me so badly? As I heal however, I hope my art will become 'lighter' and express more happiness.

  • Re-balancing: Creating art is great for practising mindfulness. It has allowed me to restore some balance to my life.

  • Self-understanding: I have been able to reconnect to myself through my art. I have achieved more self awareness of who I really am, not what others want me to be.

  • Growth: Growth can be painful sometimes. But so can staying in a place you don't belong. Art has helped me to grow in ways I would never have imagined.

  • Appreciation: Creating and viewing art has encouraged me to be grateful for everything in my life that is good. I have learnt to really appreciate the beauty in nature, the world around me, my friends and family. The things I came so close to losing.

Alain de Botton talks about the seven psychological functions of art in his book Art as Therapy (2013) if you want to read more.

Artwork is my own.