Life in recovery...

The life of a recovering addict is real and hard at times.

I know some days I feel like I'm not doing very well at all. I may be feeling emotional, or I feel like I've had a shitty day and haven't made much progress at all. Or maybe I've wallowed in self pity for a while...

BUT...when I look at my behaviour rather than focus on my emotions, I can really see the progress I HAVE made in 13 months clean from IV meth.

Today I got up and I did my meditation, I went for my walk and did some study. I took care of my daughter and took care of myself with food and sleep. 14 months ago I wasn't doing any of that. All I was doing was getting high and hanging on to the next fix.

So I guess my message here is... yes you may feel shitty today and your emotions and mind may be playing tricks on you, and clouding your ability to see straight....

BUT let your behaviour be your compass. Listen to your behaviour. What is it telling you? Are you behaving in a way that is good for you and your loved ones.

Stay centred on your behaviour rather than your emotions.

Photo shows just how far I have come in 13 months of sobriety.

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