It takes courage to create...

There are qualities within the visual arts that allow us to experience beyond the realms of our physical world to imagine new possibilities for our lives. Through art we can work towards positive growth and change through visual expression. But it takes creative courage to express our innermost ideas, fears or desires. I know from my own experience that putting my work out there for others to see feels like I am baring my soul. And maybe others don't particularly want to see inside my soul!

But through art you can create your own world. You can envision new possibilities for the future, explore ideas and find purpose through refinement, harmony, beauty and balance.

· refinement (removing unwanted elements, adding new elements, you choose)

· harmony (the arrangement of elements to produce something beautiful)

· beauty (the combination of colour, shape or form that is pleasing to the eye)

· balance (the elements of line, texture, colour and form arranged in a way that creates visual stability).

After a series of events that left me not knowing who I even was (you can read about them in my memoir From the other Side), I felt empty and lost. But 'within nothingness there is infinite potential' and through my art therapy I allowed myself to explore the possibilities, find my truth and move forward in my healing.

Artwork is my own.

The Courage to Create (Rollo May, 1975) is a good read, you can find more on it here: