Inner vs Outer mask making...

In this Art Therapy session we explored our identity using masks. This activity focusses on introspection, which is the exploration or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. Through this mask making activity, clients can explore and express who they are on the inside, and who they are on the outside, which can help them to understand their identity as a whole.


Using tissue paper, magazine cut outs and glue, decorate the outside and inside of your mask. As you contemplate how you will do this, think about the colours you would use that represent your emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Think deeper about:

Who you are as the world sees you (that is, the parts of yourself you show to the world), and

How you see yourself (the feelings and thoughts that you keep inside).

Some questions for reflection:

What keeps you from showing your inner self to people?

Who do you feel you can share your inner self to?

How does your outer self change in different situations, or around different people?

This is such a powerful activity which can lead to deeper insights into who we are and what we choose to show the world and why. Through discussion, we can often uncover underlying issues that impact on how a client interacts with their environment, including a fear of rejection or a feeling of not being 'good enough'. Once these thought patterns are identified, further work can be introduced to help clients address these issues.

Thank you to my clients for permission to use photographs of their work.