How do people change...

For me change happened through 3 key processes. Quantum change (conversion). Relationship-based change. Creativity-based change.

Quantum Change

Quantum change is a sudden, dramatic and permanent change. This type of change is different from the slow and steady recovery that has ups and downs along the way including relapse. Quantum change happened for me once I had hit rock bottom and finally saw that my addiction was out of control and unmanageable. It was sudden and profound, like I finally 'saw the light'. Quantum change is a recovery experience that has a clearly defined 'before' and 'after'.

Relationship-based Change

Loving relationships and healthy connections with others can be one of the most powerful methods for change. For me, having loving relationships with family and friends was a major reason for wanting to change my life and stick with it. As I recovered and developed more self-love, it was that nurturing relationship with myself that helped even more. I have found my recovery has been strengthened through connecting with and sharing with others who have similar stories to mine.

Creativity-based Change

Creativity and healing are directly linked. Creativity can open up your inner world and let you play with possibilities through different perspectives and ways of expression. Painting has been my tool for creative-based change, but for some it may be drawing, drama or music. Painting has helped me to access parts of myself to convert emotional pain into authentic expression of my truth, that may inspire others or contribute to the world in some way.

My painting is titled Quantum Change

Quantum change: sudden, dramatic and enduring transformations that affect a broad range of personal emotion, cognition, and behaviour.