Gratitude can change your life...

Practising gratitude can change your life. When you shift the focus from what you don't have to what you do, it can quite simply change everything.

So what is gratitude? There are many synonyms out there, but a few are:

  • acknowledgment

  • appreciativeness

  • gratefulness

  • recognition

  • thankfulness.

There are two stages or types of gratitude that I like to practise: gratitude for life, for all that is there to enrich my life experience, the good and the bad (for without the bad, how would we learn the lessons?). And gratitude for others. The people who love me, who inspire me, those who have made sacrifices for me and those who encourage me to be the best person I can be.

Here is an easy gratitude activity that I like to do with kids in the classroom. It's an activity that can be started, and added to each day. The kids love it because it is fun, and through the activity I have watched as they naturally become more grateful for the good things in their lives. In short, they become happier.

All you need for this activity is A3 paper or card, and coloured markers. From my experience, kids also love to use stickers to add to their posters. Let's start!

  1. Draw a circle in the middle of the page and write the words 'I am grateful'.

  2. Now draw lines coming from the circle towards the edges of the page (see photo).

  3. On each line write one thing that you are grateful for. It can be anything from 'for the bees' or 'for my family'.

  4. Under each line, write in more detail why you are grateful for that particular thing in life or in your life. So if I wrote 'for my family' under I might say 'my family always love and support me'.

  5. You can add things to your gratitude circle as often as you like.

  6. Now display your artwork. It helps to have it on display to focus on every day. The more you practise gratitude, the more grateful you will become. It's infectious!

Happy creating!