From the Other Side...

FROM THE OTHER SIDE An except from my memoir

Over the next few months, we saw each other most weekends. He was working away but travelled back to see me whenever he could. Before long, I found myself falling deeply in love.

He was everything I had ever wanted, and it seemed we were compatible on every level.

I say 'seemed' because now I know it was all just a game to him. A game full of lies and manipulation. He knew how to change his form like a shape shifter to mirror my thoughts, desires and emotions.

I felt sure I had found my soulmate. What else could explain how compatible we were? How we thought the same way and had similar spiritual beliefs. We loved so many of the same things, so surely this was the one I had been waiting for my whole life.

Now I know there was another, more sinister explanation.

While I thought I had found my twin flame, he was busy planning his next move. I had a light in me he wanted. A glow of warmth he hoped to feed on, to illuminate the cold, barren emptiness that dwelled inside of him. It was never love he felt. It was only trickery, performed by a predator with incessant skills. He knew how to expertly play the game and lure his prey.

As I would later discover, he was a seasoned chameleon, adept at changing himself for the purpose of his game, and he had done so many times before.

Artwork is my own.