Flight and freedom...

Through my painting and art therapy studies, I have experienced an enormous amount of growth in my healing journey. You can read about my experience with meth addiction and domestic violence in my memoir From the Other Side available here:


Or here:


When I look at this painting, it reflects aspects of my past, but more importantly it truly reflects my growth. It has a whimsical feel about it, as if floating. The dark swirling motion in the centre indicates past turmoil, whilst the mauve coloured dove symbolises flight and freedom.

I used a variety of colours to express darkness emerging to light, inspired by the lotus flower. The green hued crescent shape under the dove represents the feeling of being safe, cradled in a supportive environment. Green is the colour of hope and growth. The scattering of white glistens (if you see it in real life) giving the painting a surreal dreamy quality to it.

This painting was created to express my hope and optimism for the future. It was created using mixed media, collage and paint.