Fight hard and follow your dreams...

14 months ago I was using IV meth daily. My life had no purpose, other than finding more poison to inject into my veins. I wasn't a good mother and I was suicidal. I neglected myself, my children and my family. There was no beginning or end to any day, it was just a seemingly endless life of despair and hopelessness.

I was living in an extremely violent relationship and honestly thought I would die there. I had accepted that and was ready. In my heart I said goodbye to my children, my brothers and my mother, and then I just waited for the end to come.

When that moment arrived though, it seems I wasn't ready. I heard a voice asking me if that was how I really wanted to die. There in his hands or with a needle in my arm. A voice deep inside told me to get up off the floor and leave. And so I did.

When I fled from him and that life in the middle of the night with no money, no belongings, and no idea of who I even was anymore, I had no idea how I was going to come back from it. I was in a deep dark hole with no clue how to climb back up. But I was incredibly lucky to have family who wanted me back. And for them, and for myself, I fought and I fought hard.

Today I received my Art Therapist Diploma. For me self-acceptance has come after making many mistakes and learning who I am from them. I have faced my shadows and learnt to accept them as a part of who I am. I am now fully aware of my strengths and weaknesses; my talents and capabilities and I have a stronger sense of self-worth. I can live in the moment and accept my life for what it is, rather than relive mistakes or worry about the future. I accept and embrace all that I am, and understand that I am in control of my life and the direction it will take.

You can recover. And there is hope. There is an awesome life waiting for you if you just believe in yourself, find your purpose and fight hard to follow your dreams.