Exploring self with meditative painting...

This week we were lucky enough to have Sandrine from RASA to co-facilitate the art therapy group with me. This week we used meditative painting to explore self by letting go and releasing energy onto the page with our fingertips. This activity is an effective one for improving emotional well-being through a mindfulness body-mind approach.

Opening activity

To relax and enter into a state of mindfulness, we began with a guided visualisation, where we focused on the experience of walking along the beach. The sounds and smells of the ocean, the sounds of the trees and the birds, the feel of the sand beneath our feet, and the warmth of the sun on our skin.


This activity is to be done in total silence.

Take a moment to close your eyes and reflect on how you are feeling after the guided visualisation. Do a quick body scan within to identify:

  • What emotions are you feeling?

  • Where are you feeling them in your body?

Now choose a colour you are naturally drawn to and squirt or pour it directly onto the paper.

Using fingers as the tools, move the paint around on your paper in whatever way feels right to you. Notice the feel of the paint, the smell of the paint, how it feels gliding beneath your fingers and over the paper. Notice any emotions you are feeling as you paint. Choose and add another colour if you want to. After 30 minutes, share and discuss.


Some questions to ask to encourage reflection and to connect the painting process to the self:

  • How was the painting experience for you?

  • How did your painting evolve during the process? Did it begin as something else and then change, with the two ideas coming together in the end? How?

  • What stands out to you most in your painting?

  • Do the colour/s you chose have meaning to you? Do they add meaning to the story it tells?

  • Is there movement in your painting? Which direction is the movement?

  • Does your painting tell a story?

  • Does your painting say anything about you?

  • Could you give your painting a title?

  • Is there anything you would like to add to it or change about it?

  • What would you like to do with your painting?