Colour therapy...

In Art therapy the choice of colour is an important part of art creation. It is a valuable tool for an art therapist to use when interpretating a client's art work.

My painting is titled: My Awakening

I used red and blue for my painting, with some white.

Blue is an unearthly colour, linked to the wide space of the sky and the depths of the ocean. It can represent escapism from the material world through a deep sense of spirituality or connection to the outer universe. This escapism can be a positive focus in meditation but can also represent a more sombre mood, such as feelings of depression or escapism from reality.

Red is the intense colour traditionally associated with emotions of passion. If used in a positive way, then it can symbolise an openness to explore hopes and dreams.

White can signify safety, softness or purity.

I am blue… I am spiritual and connected.

I am red… I am open to exploring my hopes and dreams.

I am white… I am safe to be myself.

Artwork is my own.