Award winning artwork 'The Devil's Waltz'

I am feeling very grateful, proud, amazed and inspired today. My artwork titled 'The Devil's Waltz' was recently chosen as the winning artwork for the Annual TDS Creative Awards by The Dark Sire magazine.

This piece was inspired by the impact of the three years I spent in an abusive, violent, soul-destroying relationship and subsequent descent into meth addiction.

In this painting, I explore the orchestra of evil, the depths of deception, and the feelings of powerlessness associated with domestic violence and addiction.

Painting for me has been the single most healing and therapeutic way to process, move through, accept and heal the pain. By exploring emotions at a deep level and recognizing where they come from, I am able to move them through my body and onto the canvas. Many times during this process, images and forms just seem to appear in my work, coming from deep within my subconsciousness.

'The Devil's Waltz' went through many stages of manifestation and represents layer upon layer of expelled emotions and energy. A truly healing experience!

Many thanks to the wonderful people at The Dark Sire magazine for this wonderful opportunity and privilege.