Affirmation cards...

One way to help clients focus on positivity everyday is through affirmation cards. They are really easy to do, are great for adults and kids, and do not require any specific artistic ability. The point of affirmation cards are to create something that a client can focus on each day that reminds them to practise being present and being grateful. Clients can create them for themselves or as gifts for others.

Affirmation cards generally begin with a positive affirmation. Then the client can use magazines to find pictures or words that represent that affirmation to them. Some ideas for positive affirmations are:

  • I am love. I am purpose.

  • I don't sweat the small stuff.

  • I am creative.

  • I am healthy.

  • I believe in myself.

  • I am enough.

  • I can do whatever I focus my mind on.

I find making affirmation cards is perfect for practising mindfulness, as I stay focussed on positivity through creativity.

How to do it:

  • You will need blank A5 card

  • Scissors

  • Magazines

  • Glue

  • Pens for writing

Write an affirmation that you like on the back of an A5 piece of card.

Turn the card over and begin to create an image that represents that statement for you using pictures or words cut out of the magazines. Display the cards in a spot where you will see them every day.

Why it helps:

These daily affirmations can help to develop a more positive mindset about yourself, and life in general. Changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts can potentially re-wire the connections in your brain to create new pathways, making us feel better about ourselves and the world around us.

Here are some examples of my own cards.

Below: I nurture myself.

Below: I live my best life.

Below: I am in charge of my own happiness