A leap of faith...

When I was stuck in the sticky web of addiction and domestic violence it became so hard to let go of the 'known'. The fear of the 'unknown' kept me there way too long. Who would want me in their lives now? I had so many fractured relationships, how would I even begin to repair them. What would my family and friends say when they knew I was now a meth addict? I felt all I had was him, a toxic malicious abuser and drugs. But that's the addiction and the fear talking. Tricking you into believing you have no one or nothing else. It is what the addiction wants, because then it has you all to itself.

Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is what saved me in the end. As scary as it was, it was less frightening than staying to face another round of abuse. And it was the first step to becoming the person I wanted to be, not the person I had become.

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