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My name is Jacquie, Jacquelyn, Jacq, Spratty or Mum (depending on who you are :))

I am a mother, teacher, animal lover, painter, writer, art therapist, dreamer and survivor with a story to tell.


We all have story we will never tell right? Right. Well my story is many things, but heartbreaking yet inspirational are the two ways I would like to describe it. How else could I describe meeting a sheep dressed in wolf's clothing at the age of 48? The love of my life (or so I thought). Fast track 4 years and this compassionate ambitious teacher had become a broken and beaten meth addict. That's the heartbreaking part. BUT from that comes the inspirational part. From the other Side is my story about my descent into, and recovery from drug addiction and domestic violence, written for healing but published to (hopefully) help others, and is something I am very proud of.


It isn't easy to stand up in front of the whole world and speak about your truth. Far from it. But if in doing so, I can clear an easier path for someone else to do the same, then it is well worth it.

Thanks for visiting.


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